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Robin of Sherwood

Bestwood Notts.
Before Us Stands Yesterday
Down In The Drift
From This County He Came
Brassed Off
Robin of Sherwood
Here, There, And Everywhere

Sherwood Forest

Now Is Here, Together We

Robin and Marian [click for larger image]

It was a television series, based on the greatest legend ever..The Hooded Man, Robin o'the Greenwood, Robin i' the Hood, Robin of Locksley, Robert of Huntington.....Robin Hood. It was called the most blasphemous television series ever, by so-called watchdogs of morals on British television...those with little or no imagination.The entire series was shown on PBS television in the United States, and those of us in Canada who could get a local PBS station on our televisions were treated to this incredible vision of an old legend, yes it was pagan, it went right to the heart and soul of those of us who were willing, and able to open up to the call...the soundtrack for the travels and magic was provided by that band of bands, Clannad, to the right, you'' see a picture of the cover of the album that was released, containing music from Robin of Sherwood, you can still find in the record shops, and we recommend you search it out and give it a listen, meanwhile, check the links out, they too are on the right hand side, and take your own journey back, back, into the trees, into Sherwood Forest, back in time and space...and open your mind and your heart.....heed the call...because....Nothing is forgotten, nothing is ever forgotten......

Herne [click for larger image]

Legend. Clannad
CD. RCA.PD 70188 (UK)

Maire Brennan (Lead Vocal, Harp)
Paul Brennan (Guitar, Flute, Tin Whistle, Keyboards, Vocals)
Ciaran O Braonain (Double Bass, Synthesisers, Guitar, Vocals)
Padraig Duggan (Mandola, Guitar, Vocals)
Noel Duggan (Guitar, Vocals)

James Delaney (Keyboards) Paul Moran (Drums)
Pat Farrell (Electric Guitar)
Frank Ricotti (Percussionist)

The Hooded Man

the website of the
Sherwood Forest Trust.
Robin and a whole lot more

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