Nottinghamshire Notes

Bestwood Notts.
Before Us Stands Yesterday
Down In The Drift
From This County He Came
Brassed Off
Robin of Sherwood
Here, There, And Everywhere


Once More In The Heart Of England

The Old Wheel House. Bestwood Colliery

The eastern half of the Heart of England, that's where this is. It's every bit the heart of England as Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, The West Midlands and the rest. When people think of Nottinghamshire, the first thought is generally,
Robin Hood, well that's all very well and good, but, there is much more to this county than Robin Hood, for instance, if you have ridden or ride a Raleigh bicycle, it came from Nottingham, if you have ever read the poetry of Lord Byron, the family estate at Newstead Abbey is in Nottinghamshire and Byron himself is buried at the
Church of St Mary Magdalene in Hucknall
  D.H. Lawrence, he was from Eastwood, just north of Nottingham, and many of the locations in his books are a fictionalisation of that town. The lists go on and on, and we'll try and get to as many of these points as possible, both people and locations....Time to go......

This Way and That

In and Around

from Nottingham City Council

Other Places, Other People

the River Thames,
its people and places

hear Britain from
different points of view
brough to you by the

songs of the
Southern English Landscape

a celebration of the tree and
its off-spring

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