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Before Us Stands Yesterday

Bestwood Notts.
Before Us Stands Yesterday
Down In The Drift
From This County He Came
Brassed Off
Robin of Sherwood
Here, There, And Everywhere

Nottinghamshire History and Archaeology

Wollaton Park

Southwell Workhouse, Southwell, Nottinghamshire

William Abendigo Thompson was
Nottingham's bare knuckle prize
fighting champion in the 19th century.
BBC Nottingham Online.

This site is mainly about the
Bosworth Road School and
 the Old Meadows with links
 to similar sites.

Buses past and present mainly in
and around Nottingham.
The Chartism movement in
Nottingham in the 19th century.

Brief information about the explosion at
the Chilwell ordnance factory in 1918.
Enter and explore a whole
new world in the caves underneath
Nottingham city and descend
into the dark depths of the original
Anglo-Saxon tunnels, meeting real
cave-dwellers from its dramatic
hidden past. See how these caves
have been used and adapted over
the Centuries by local people to
escape and take refuge
from the world above.

A 12th Century (early medieval)
re-enactment Society depicting a group
of professional Anglo-Norman
 soldiers, upholding the rule of good
 King John and the laws of the
church around the year 1200.

A history of Gedling from
1066 to the present day.
Ghosts & Legends of Nottinghamshire
 the UK's most haunted county and
home of Robin Hood

 Ghosts of Nottingham
Ghost stories from around the county,
send in your ghost stories.

Transport history at
The Nottingham Heritage Centre.
 comprising an area of eleven and
a half acres, along with buildings,
set within Rushcliffe Country Park,

Historic maps of Nottinghamshire
From Old Maps.
Historic Nottingham Photographs
A collection of photographs of
Nottingham taken circa 1900.

Historical Nottingham pictures
 from Paul Nix's collection.

History Of Colonel John Hutchinsons Regiment
History Of Col. John Hutchinsons
Regiment Of Foot & The City Of Nottingham
During The English Civil War.

History of Goose Fair
A Charter granted in 1284 by Edward I
authorised the burgesses of Nottingham
to hold a fair on the eve of the feast
of St Edmund and for twelve days following.
National Fairground Archive.

 History of Nottingham
A history of Nottingham.
The BBC's Nottingham site.

A brief history of Nottingham.
St. Peter's Church.

 Factory Nottingham
 including photographs of the site
and people who have worked there.

the Wikipedia entry on the history
 of HP Sauce.

 Jesse Boot
A brief history of Jesse Boot,
founder of Boot's the Chemist.

 formed in 1994 and is interested in the
history of Keyworth, Nottingham UK
and the surrounding area.

The magazine of the Lenton Local
History Society. Containing a wide
range of articles on the history of
Lenton, Dunkirk, Wollaton Park
and Nottingham.


The history of Long Eaton and Sawley,
describing their growth from two
small villages into an industrial town
based on farming, lace manufacturing
and the railways. With many photographs
of Long Eaton through the years.

Deserted Medieval Village Sites of
Nottinghamshire, a tentative listing of
lost, abandoned or displaced settlements.

History of the Nottingham & Melton Line.

The history of Nottingham Castle and
links to other locally related historic
information. from Wikipedia
Nottingham history, local history,
local tales, folk lore, street information,
 man made caves, history, sites,
uses and visited Robin Hood sites.


This site will show you how the
railways of Nottingham and
surrounding areas have changed
over the last 100 years.
Bibliography of Nottinghamshire
 Folk Plays & Related Customs.

designed to provide a guide to the
heritage resources of the county,
and a history of Nottinghamshire
featuring the latest research.

Nottinghamshire Heritage Newsletter -
 from the Environment Department of
Nottinghamshire County Council.
Old Stones of Nottinghamshire
legends about stones and
rock outcrops in Nottinghamshire,
including The Hemlock Stone.
At The Edge.

Campaign to rebuild the historic castle.

History and other information about
the Nottingham to Ripley tram route.

An independent working museum,
housed in restored, early 19th century
framework knitters shops.

First world war pictures of
the Sherwood Foresters.

The history of The Sherwood Foresters
 goes back to 1741, when England was
committed to War against France in
Europe and later in Asia and America.

listing all the churches in
the Diocese of Southwell.

The history of lace manufacturing
in Nottingham.From the 
The Hemlock Stone
Picture and short description
of The Hemlock Stone from 1928.
from the

The Thoroton Society is Nottinghamshire's
principal historical and archaeological
society. It was founded in 1897
and named after Dr Robert Thoroton
who, in 1677, published the first
history of the county. The
membership is world- wide and
 includes individuals, libraries
and museums in four continents.

Two villages to the south of
 the River Trent. A site packed full
of information and history.

The Gotham Tales are a cycle of
stories about feigned madness.
They first became associated with
 the village of Gotham (pron. goat ham?)
in Nottinghamshire around 1540.
At this date a selected twenty of
the tales first appeared in print.
However, the true origin and antiquity
of the whole cycle is something else.
This article discusses two of the
 many mysteries that surround
the topic - the location of the village
 of mad men and the authorship of
the first book, The Merry Tales
of the Mad Men of Gotham.

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